Who we are

A Committee of Management, all of whom are parents of a child with a disability, leads the VFSN.

We operate according to the Model Rules for an Incorporated Association (Associations Incorporation Reform Regulations 2012).

Vietnamese families living with disability face many evolving challenges and as an Association, we strive to keep in touch with the needs of the community we serve. Through the provision of resources, information, emotional support and social connection, we help children and families build their independence and capacity to participate and contribute to community life.

Families express that:

  • Extended family supports have become less available to them over the years
  • Connections with neighbours are harder to establish
  • The stigma of disability exacerbates social isolation
  • There are increasing levels of divorce and violence being experienced
  • The incidence of mental and physical health issues is growing
  • Language is often a barrier and there is a lack of culturally sensitive resources and services available

For all these reasons, VFSN Inc. has continued to grow and facilitate opportunities to bring people together as a community.