About Us

The Vietnamese Families with Special Needs Inc. (VFSN Inc.) is a non-profit organisation established in 2003 in response to clearly expressed support needs and the isolation and stigma felt by community members living with a disability.

The group, based in the Western metro region of Melbourne, aims to enhance the mental and social wellbeing of Vietnamese families who have children with a disability.

It seeks to strengthen parent’s social and mental health, increase community participation and opportunities for children and young adults with a disability and to build a positive, strong and supportive community. It also provides opportunity for children to learn about and deepen their appreciation of Vietnamese culture.

We offer companionship, empathy and information to parents and their children so that they can feel supported and empowered.

We help our members be aware of and understand the network of disability services and supports available in Australia so that they can make informed decisions for their children with disability and for their own lives. We hold regular parent peer support meetings during school term to help families remain connected and provide parents with strategies on how to build their children’s social skills, reduce behaviors of concerns, and develop new friendships.