Vision Mission and Goals

Our Vision is:

A community where Vietnamese families who have a child with a disability live with respect and dignity, reaching their optimum well-being and capacity; and are understood and accepted without judgement and stigma.

Our Mission is:

To support Vietnamese families who have a child with a disability to feel connected, hopeful, empowered and resourced so all family members reach their potential, participate in the community and their lives are better, easier and happier.

Our Goals are:
  • To enhance well-being and build the skills, strengths, motivation and capacity of parents and carers.
  • To enhance the well-being, skills, capacity and development of Vietnamese children and young adults with a disability and facilitate their active and meaningful participation in the community.
  • To empower families to understand and accept disability and have the confidence to live their lives with hope, dignity and respect.
  • To create culturally relevant and language specific disability resources so that families can connect with the information, resources, help and support they need.
  • To promote and advocate for the specific needs of the Vietnamese community in relation to disability services.